Casino – More Than Just a Game

Casino tells a fascinating story about the Mafia, gambling and Las Vegas. While it lacks the pizzazz of a movie like Goodfellas, it still has plenty of captivating themes that will keep audiences engaged. From the way Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone play off each other to the way they portray the scumbag nature of their characters, the film is one that can make you feel both entertained and sad at the same time.

While the games of chance are the main attraction, there is so much more that casinos have to offer. For example, they often serve booze, which helps to lower inhibitions and cloud judgment, allowing gamblers to bet more money. Booze is served nonstop, from the card tables to the slot machines and even in front of the horse-racing screens. This booze is often free, as casinos want to encourage patrons to continue playing and to spend more money.

Moreover, casinos are designed to be visually appealing and stimulating, making them a magnet for customers who are drawn in by the bright lights and sounds. The layout is also designed to encourage people to spend more money. Curving paths lead to gaming sections, and bathrooms are located deep within the casino, away from the entrances. This prevents patrons from leaving to meet basic needs and limits the amount of money they spend. In addition, casinos often reward big bettors with “comps” such as free meals, rooms and transportation.